Soft creatures

Made of filaments that stretch, shear, bend and twist

From bridges and DNA to shoelaces, the ubiquity of elastic rods or filaments plays an important role in everyday life. We develop numerics for the simulation of soft filaments deforming in three-dimensional space, and accounting for all possible deformation modes, bending, twisting, shearing and stretching at every cross-section. Our assemblies of soft curves are able to interact with the environment via models of muscular activity, sensory feedbacks, self-contact, surface friction and hydrodynamics, thus providing a physically accurate virtual playground to inquire into the functioning of complex muscular and robotics architectures



Research Projects

Soft CreaturesSoft Creatures

CyborgsProject type

Viscous StreamingViscous Streaming

Flow NumericsProject type

The Vizzies 2016The Vizzies 2016

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