We bring together theory, computing and experiments for the discovery of rational design principles

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Soft Creatures

Our assemblies of soft curves are able to interact with the environment via models of muscular activity, sensory feedbacks, self-contact, surface friction and hydrodynamics, thus providing a physically accurate virtual playground to inquire into the functioning of complex muscular and robotics architectures.

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This study is but a first step in engineering multilevel systems that link neuro-dynamics, mechanics, and complex controllable gaits-coupling sensory information to motor coordination and movement that leads to behaviour.

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Bio-locomotion in fluids

We combine theory, numerical simulations, and experiments to advance our understanding of the physical mechanisms underlying locomotion in fluids.

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Viscous Streaming

Viscous streaming arises when an immersed body undergoes small-amplitude oscillations in a viscous fluid, and it is perhaps the most efficient way to use inertia at the microscale.

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Flow Numerics

We develop numerics that allow for the seamless integration between artificial intelligence techniques such as evolutionary optimization or reinforcement learning and large scale simulations

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The Vizzies 2016

We believe that graphic illustrations and artworks inspired by scientific investigation are a powerful tool to intuitively convey to a broad audience scientific discovery. 2016 / The Vizzies / Finalist Illustration / Margherita Gazzola, Michael Triantafyllou, Mattia Gazzola

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